A little about Aaron Schey the founder of the Glass Art Fair

Aaron Schey

As a second-generation gallery owner, Aaron Schey grew up in the art world. His predecessor, and step father, Ferdinand Hampson founded Habatat the first contemporary glass art gallery in 1971. Aaron along with his partner Corey Hampson, spent a childhood surrounded by the glass art community they called family. #HabatatFamily

Aaron graduated from Michigan State University in 2001 and began his career at Habatat in 2005. Since then he has taken over directing operations of the gallery. He has orchestrated over 60 museum, university, and art center exhibition and both physical and virtual catalogs. He has personally organized and executed hundreds of exhibitions featuring artists in the Habatat Family. This includes art fairs as well as the Annual Glass International Exhibition that will reach its 49th year in 2021.

Concerning the secondary market, Aaron has been a pioneer in developing ways to offer works from both private and public collections. He founded Habatat Estates which focus on selling works on the secondary market via multiple avenues, both physical and digital. Aaron has assisted in offering hundreds of collections and is most recently overseeing the sale of the Michael and Annie Belkin collection. He has also organized and executed auctions offering work on the secondary market live and online.

He has assisted in placing collections in the Imagine Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, Dearborn, Michigan, The Flint Institute of the Arts, Flint, Michigan, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Fort Wayne, Indiana as well as countless others.

In 2012, Aaron oversaw and coauthored “Studio Glass in America; a 50 Year Journey,” published by Shiffer Publishing, detailing the first 50 years of artists working with glass in the U.S.

Aaron has lectured and done talks about the contemporary glass art works and has articles published in magazines focused on the subject of contemporary glass. Habatat Galleries has published the largest body of work on Studio Glass in the world.

Since his start at Habatat, Aaron has consulted with many appraisers in the field of studio glass. He has evaluated many of the noted glass collections in the United States and offers his services to both institutions and collectors around the world.

In 2019, Aaron founded Habatat Limited offering limited editions sculptures by established artists in the Habatat Family: a revolutionary way of selling well priced artwork that are made upon order.

During the 2020 pandemic Aaron has developed new Habatat marketing channels and technology by digitizing the business to offer artwork from the artists in the Habatat Family as well as work being offered by Habatat Estates. He founded the Glass Art Fair that is the largest online presentation of artwork being offered in the primary and secondary markets.

In the near future Aaron plans to open an online museum sharing the works we all know and love in studio glass. “Evolving the Studio Glass Movement to the Studio Glass Evolution.”

“It is an honor to partner with the artists in the Habatat Family who are all incredibly talented. This new online art fair provides a some of the most talented artists working with glass as their art medium. With the fair now online the results have been spectacular with many of the works selling and interest growing across the web. With a pandemic in full swing we invite everyone who enjoys the artist to explore and learn about each artist in the online exhibition. I invite you to share the works you like on social media as it is the best way to get the word out while we are all at home. I am eager to hear everyone’s thoughts about the www.GlassArtFair.com and hope to make this an annual event. With other art fairs such as Art Basel, Art Miami, Context Miami, Aqua Art Maimi, Art Now Fair, Design Miami, Ink Miami, Scope Miami, and Untitled Miami all going online it is an excellent opportunity to promote the Glass Art Fair as an online exclusive.”  #onlyglass #glassartfair.”

Glass Art Fair

We are extremely proud to be promoting this new art fair offering works by the most talented artists working with he medium of glass in the world.