Welcome to the Glass Art Fair

Welcome to the 2022 edition of the Glass Art Fair. The GlassArtFair is celebrating its 3rd annual exhibition by partnering with Habatat Detroit Fine Art for an incredible virtual presentation. We are honored to have you explore the many artists creating with this exciting and innovative medium. Over 100 artists have been hand selected to offer their unique works on the Glass Art Fair website. We also ask that you share this presentation via social media and with anyone who enjoys art.

The Glass Art Fair is joining an expanding list of online art fairs around the world including SOFA Chicago / intersect Chicago, Toronto Art Fair, Art Miami, Art Palm Beach, Basel, Expo Chicago, Art Aspen, Art Boca Raton, Dallas Art Fair, Frieze London, Korea International Art Fair, and more.

Thank you for visiting. The works on the site are available for purchase and the Glass Art Fair appreciates your support of the arts and the artists.

We are honored to share this new virtual art fair with the world and are looking forward to hearing from everyone. As we are not all able to see each other face to face during this odd time in history we are happy to share this monumental presentation focused on many of the artists we know and love. Please share on your Facebook and Instagram to get the word out.

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We thank you for joining us online!

Glass Art Fair

We are extremely proud to be promoting this new art fair offering works by the most talented artists working with he medium of glass in the world.