Glass Art Fair 2020 – Online Soon

The Glass Art Fair is honored to be online for the first time in 2020. Our art fair is celebrating over 60 artists creating work with glass as their art medium. Our art fair opens online to the public on Sunday, November 1st of 2020. This art fair will be online the same time as the SOFA Chicago art fair that is rebranded intersect Art Fair.

Glass Art Fair 2020

Many of the art fairs have been moved online due to the pandemic and we are honored to be able to offer the works by the finest artists working with the medium of glass today. HG Projects has the honor of knowing and working with the artists in the our glass family and each artist has the opportunity to include a presentation of available work from their studios. It is a unique opportunity to partake in this innovative style of online art fair. Expect to see artists from a variety of backgrounds, both new and and well known, in the Glass Art Fair. Feel free to share and save your favorites.

This online presentation will continue for the month of November and expect to see more presentations as work becomes available. Each artist has the availability to edit and add artwork throughout the month so please check back in for updates often. Here is a short list of the many artists participating.

Shelley Muzylowski Allen – a well known Seattle based artist whose work focuses on the animal form. She is well known and in demand. Each unique work is hot sculpted and then placed on a base for presentation. The artist often uses mixed media to complete the final form.

Alex Gabriel Bernstein – a second generation artist based out of North Carolina. He has been working with the medium of glass for over 40 years (starting at 8!). His nature inspired sculptures are stunning and include vivid colors and tones. Some of his unique work incorporates metal in which he grinds on to the cold glass. This is a process he invented now called “Bernsteining Glass.” His artworks are included multiple collections both public and private.

Christina Bothwell – based in Pennsylvania, whose work revolves around birth, death, and renewal. Inspired by her life and family, Christina has been creating work for decades and has work in public collections including Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, New York, the Racine Art Museum, Racine, Wisconsin; Shanghai Museum of Glass Art, China, and many others.

Michael Glancy – who passed away this year, had a long career of creating stunning electroplated artworks. A legend in the artworld, the Glass Art Fair is honored to have three works available on the secondary market in the presentation. The artist’s publications include “Michael Glancy – Infinite Obsessions”, “Beyond Vessels: Recent Glass Work by Michael Glancy,” and “Constellations as Alternative Galaxy Glass By Michael Glancy.”

Expect more of what you love at the Glass Art Fair. Thank you for visiting. The works on the site are available for purchase and the Glass Art Fair appreciates your support of the arts and the artist.

Glass Art Fair

We are extremely proud to be promoting this new art fair offering works by the most talented artists working with he medium of glass in the world.