Glass maker from south London, UK. Brooks first came into to contact with glass while studying Three Dimensional Design at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, UK. Once graduating, Brooks worked for several studios in and around London, such as Smithbrook Glass Blowing Studio and Sandfish Ltd, eventually apprenticing in hot glass with glass maestro Simon Moore. After carrying .....

Glass maker from south London, UK. Brooks first came into to contact with glass while studying Three Dimensional Design at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, UK. Once graduating, Brooks worked for several studios in and around London, such as Smithbrook Glass Blowing Studio and Sandfish Ltd, eventually apprenticing in hot glass with glass maestro Simon Moore. After carrying out an Artist in residence post at UCA, he had the opportunity to apprentice in glass cutting with Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg, in Paris, France. Since, he has worked at Rothschild & Bickers Ltd and as a freelance cold worker in the London area. Currently Brooks is working towards his MFA at Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA. Brooks has work in permanent collections and has exhibited internationally in China, USA, Germany, Czech Republic and UK.He has also won scholarships to attend masterclasses at the Penland School of Crafts and the Toledo Museum of Glass.

Artist Statement

I have always had a deep interest in archaeology and palaeontology, which stemmed from my Cypriot grandmother’s stories about Neolithic objects unearthed near her village when she was a child. This fascination with what lies beneath the surface of the earth, and the traces left by humans and other living creatures, has manifested as an exploration into marks and mark making. Doing so however, is made difficult by my chosen medium, as hot glass can never be touched directly. Marks left behind show traces of a life lived, whether scratches on fossils indicating a battle, or the marks left on an 15th century Venetian goblet — they present us with a moment encapsulated in time, and this idea completely fascinates me. In a consumerist culture like the one we find ourselves in today, marks, and the human element are often hidden from the objects we use. It seems as if nothing is eternal, or meant to last, as we can simply upgrade and discard. This is why mark making has become such an integral part of my practice.

Through the study of various ancient objects, my curiosity into hieroglyphs and the way in which mark making has been used to communicate throughout the ages, has manifested as studies through the act of creating the ‘line’. These explorations of communicating through the line draw influence from many different cultures and time periods, ranging from texts found on the walls of Agia Sophia to stenography used in court rooms today. Shorthand writing plays an important factor in the current body of work, as it is an extremely pure expression of language using various types of line. It is unreadable to most people without a guide to decipher, and abstracting this curvaceous language through block, hard, dynamic pattern making starts the creation of a personal form of my own language. Besides from the ‘hidden messages’ within the work, the language starts to take on it’s own aesthetics, where the viewer can enjoy the visuals of the unknown, emulating the feeling of discovery within ancient artefacts.

Another facet of my work, is the incorporation of animals simultaneously with the vessel. Animals have been rich source of inspiration throughout time, where different cultures have pulled from characteristics of many animals, in fear or awe of them. I hope to reflect the ways in which ancient cultures have idolised and associated these particular subjects with animals, and use them in a way to communicate human feelings.



[ 2022 ] ‘In Your Own Words: Glass Sculpting’, Full scholarship recipient to Shelley Muzylowski Allen Masterclass. Corning Museum of Glass, New York, USA.
[ 2019-21 ] Master of Fine Arts in 3D Studio Practice, Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA
[ 2019 ] ‘Sparking Life into Art: Sculpting Animals in Glass’, Scholarship recipient to Grant Garmezy Masterclass. Toledo Museum of Glass, Ohio, USA

[ 2017 ] ‘Back to the Drawing Board’ with Nate Cotterman and Adam Holtzinger, Penland School of Crafts, USA [ 2013 ] Glass Engraving Techniques, Morley College, London, UK
[ 2012-13 ] Interactive and Digital Design Level 2 Certificate, SCOLA
[ 2008-11 ] BA Honors Degree in Three Dimensional Design specialising in Glass, UCA Farnham, UK

[ 2006-07 ] BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, UCA Epsom, UK
[ 2004-06 ] A-Levels in Art and Design, Maths and Physical Education, London, UK


[ 2021-current ] Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Glass Studio Technician, Philadelphia, USA
[ 2022 ] Glass sculpting demonstrations at Wheaton Village Arts Museum, ‘Fantasy Faire’ event, New Jersey, USA
[ 2022 ] Member of Contemporary Glass Society, UK and member of Glass Arts Society, USA
[ 2021 ] ‘3D to 4D’ Foundations Instructor, Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA
[ 2020 ] Hot and Cold Glass Instructor, ‘Introduction to Glass’, Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA
[ 2019 ] Teaching Assistant to Allison Hoag, ‘Introduction to Glass, Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA
[ 2019 ] Visiting Artist Demo at Fire Nation Glass Studio, Holland, Ohio, USA
[ 2018-19 ] Rothschild & Bickers Ltd, Studio Assistant, Hertford, UK
2017-19] Freelance coldworker for British glassmakers such as Liam Reeves & Charle Stern, London, UK
[ 2016-17 ] Simon Moore, Workshop Manager and Apprentice Blower, London UK
[ 2013-15 ] Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg, Glass Cutter and Hot Glass Assistant, Paris France & Prestigne, Wales [ 2013 ] Teaching Assistant, Scott Benefield’s ‘Colour and Canework’ course at the Glasshub, Wiltshere, UK
[ 2013 ] Notarianni Glass, work experience hot and cold shop assistant, Cheshire, UK
[ 2012-13 ] Artist in Residence at UCA, Hot Glass Department, Farnham, UK
[ 2012 ] International Festival of Glass, ‘Al Fresco’ Demonstrations, KT Yun’s Minimelt, Stourbridge, UK
[ 2011-13 ] Smithbrook Glassblowing Studio, Short Course Tutor and Studio Assistant, Cranleigh, UK
[ 2011-12 ] Simon Moore, studio assistant, London, UK
[ 2010-12 ] Michael Ruh, hotshop assistant, London, UK
[ 2009 ] Ove Arup and Partners, Glass Facade Department, work experience, London, UK
[ 2008 ] Jake Mee, hotshop assistant, Surrey, UK
[ 2008 ] Aaronson Noon Glassblowing Studio, hot and coldshop assistant, work experience, London, UK


[ 2022 ] International British Glass Biennale, Stourbridge, UK
[ 2022 ] ‘Crystal Mile Contemporary Exhibition’, Blowfish Glass Gallery, Stourbridge, UK

[ 2022 ] Glass Art Society, 50th Anniversary Exhibition, ‘Connection’, Tacoma Museum of Glass, Washington, USA [ 2021 ] International Bulgarian Glass Biennale, Sofia, Bulgaria
[ 2021 ] Solo Show ‘Ritual Relations’, Riverhouse Gallery, Toledo, Ohio, USA
[ 2021 ] Affordable Art Fair, New York, with River House Gallery, USA

[ 2021 ] ‘MFA Thesis Show’ Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA
[ 2020 ] ‘Decomposed, Recomposed’ Working Artist Collective, USA
[ 2020 ] ‘RAW’ Juried MFA Exhibition, University of Montana, Montana, USA
[ 2020 ] ‘Yrami Vessels’ permanent collection Heijan Glass Museum, China
[ 2020 ] 5th. Session Of The Craft Glass Creation & Design International Competition & Exhibition, Heijan City, Guangzhou, China [ 2020 ] The Venice Glass Week, Palazzo Loredan, Venice, Italy
[ 2019 ] PLAY, The Times Art Museum, Beijing, China
[ 2019 ] Open Contemporary Young Artist Award, The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle, UK
] 2018 ] New Horizons, Coast Gallery, Zhuhai, China
[ 2018 ] Creative Quarterly Magazine, Issue 53, January 2019
[ 2018 ] Edge of the Ocean, New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham, UK
[ 2017 ] An Eclectic Christmas Exhibition, London Glass Blowing Gallery, London, UK
[ 2013 ] European Talent Advancement for Glass, Zwieseler Kolbl, Zwiesel, Germany
[ 2013 ] Surrey and Hants Newspaper, Article ‘New Partnership to Promote Art’
[ 2013 ] Rising Stars, New Ashgate Gallery
[ 2012 ] Winter Showcase, Mine Gallery

[ 2012 ] Work in Permanent Collection of Praska Gallerie, Czech Republic
[ 2012 ] Stanislav Libensky Award ‘Cherchez la Femme’, Prague Castle, Czech Republic [ 2012 ] Lambeth Weekender Newspaper, Article ‘Step Inside Lambeth’s Art World’
[ 2012 ] Canvas and Cream Gallery
[ 2012 ] Designer Crafts at the Mall Galleries, Shop in Show
[ 2012 ] Awarded Licentiate Status of the Society of Designer Craftsmen
[ 2011 ] Artist Newsletter Magazine, Article,’Urban Studios’
[ 2011 ] Lambeth Open, Portico Gallery
[ 2011 ] New Designers Exhibition, Business Design Centre, London, UK


[ 2021 ] Arts commission ‘Accelerator grant’ winner, Toledo, Ohio, USA
[ 2021 ] David Peace Prize 2021, Guild of Glass Engravers, 2nd place, UK
[ 2021 ] Bloch-Heskett Ethnic Arts Award, Ohio, USA
[ 2020 ] Craft & Creation Awards, 2 x ‘Good Work Award’, Heijan City, Guangzhou, China [ 2019 ] Ringholtz Art Award, Wyoming, USA
[ 2017 ] Awarded UK Artist Fellowship at Penland Craft School by the Crafts Council UK
[ 2013 ] Rising Stars Professional Development Award – Runner up
[ 2011 ] Wolf and Badger Graduate Design Award Finalist


[ 2022 ] Article,’In Profile: Theo Brooks, Glass Tech’, Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Author: Emily Herbein, USA
[ 2021 ] Article ‘Arts beat: Visions of an elusive home & contemporary reflections on Bronze Age artifacts’, BG Independent, USA [ 2021 ] Article: ‘New Worlds in Art’, The Sentinel-Tribune, Ohio, USA
[ 2021 ] Sentinnel Tribune Newspaper, ‘New Worlds in Art’, front page, Bowling Green, USA
[ 2020 ] Art Hole Magazine, ‘ Issue 3’, London, UK

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